Free Beach

Castiglione della Pescaia’s beaches can be distinguished into west beach, which from the canal port runs
towards Punta Ala, and east beach, which from the canal runs south towards Marina di Grosseto.
Ponente and Levante beaches have similar characteristics: soft and white sand, blue, crystal clear and
limpid sea, with sandy and sloping seabed, perfect for children or swimming lovers, equipped with wellequipped facilities but also with large areas of free access beaches.
However, each beach has its own specific peculiarities.

The west beach, from which it is possible to enjoy a magnificent view of the Castle overlooking the
medieval village, offers sandy beaches as well as rocky cliffs and outcropping rocks, as in the Capezzolo area
or, even further north, Rocchette. The west beach is easily reachable by foot from the centre of the village,
or by bike along the cycle path that runs northwards. The western side ends in Punta Ala, with its famous
marina, the scene of numerous sailing regattas, but also spacious beaches that offer breathtaking sunsets.

The eastern coast has more spacious beaches, behind which there are dunes and a thick and wide pine
forest. Despite the fact that there are equipped beaches (including the Green Beach, equipped with
facilities suitable for bathing for the physically challenged), the east beach boasts long free stretches of
coastline and is therefore the favourite area for surfers and kitesurfers. The Levante beaches are also easily
reached by the cycle path that runs from the centre of Castiglione della Pescaia to Marina di Grosseto.