Admiring Castiglione from the beautiful – and international awarded – sea that bathes it has
an extraordinary effect.
The long white beach is divided by the river Bruna into the Levante and Ponente beaches.
The first one is very wide and can easily be used for a good number of beach umbrellas. It
extends up to the town of Marze where the municipality of Grosseto begins.
The Spiaggia di Ponente, which is narrower, is overlooked by the Castle of the Medieval
Village and extends for several kilometres in a northerly direction. After a few hundred
metres you will come across the Capezzòlo cape with small rocks emerging. Following, the
beach of Riva del Sole, the “Swedish Village” built in the 60s. Proceeding further north you
will come across IMBARCAZIONI . Facing the tip you can see a series of small outcropping
rocks, one of which is larger: Sparviero Island.

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