In Castiglione della Pescaia dogs and pets are welcome on specific open beaches:
● Bau Beach Selene – next to Selene pinewood car park, with access at Km 26 of the SP158, bike path side;
● Bau Beach Rocchette – in Rocchette, near the Serignano car park, with access from the path that goes along the ditch of the same name and about 400 m away from it, proceeding towards East;
● Bau Beach Piastrone – in Punta Ala, near the village of Piastrone. Both access and fruition are free on these beaches, and their use is allowed daily from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. for the whole bathing season.

In the Bau Beach of Castiglione della Pescaia dogs can move, run and play freely, without leash and muzzle, and also swim, under the supervision and responsability of their owners, thus avoiding damage to things and / or people.

Access is allowed to dogs that are regularly vaccinated for the main infections and have a tattoo/microchip.
Please observe the following rules in Castiglione della Pescaia’s Bau Beach:

● You must stay at a reasonable distance from other people on the beach to avoid any possible aggression towards other dogs that may be present at the same time and make sure that the animal does not disturb the neighborhood;

● Promptly remove the dejections from the ground and place them in plastic bags in the appropriate containers;
● Carry the vaccination booklet at the site;
● Do not lead the animals outside the regulated area;
● The beaches are not equipped with umbrellas, water and rescue service, and therefore these facilities are to be taken care of by the animal’s owner;
● All equipment used for the stay must be removed from the occupied beach, paying particular attention to place the waste produced during the stay in the appropriate containers;
● It is forbidden to bring animals suffering from diseases or poorly sociable or particularly aggressive and that, therefore, may be harmful to health and peaceful coexistence, as well as females during the estral period;
● The use of detergents is not permitted in any way for the hygiene operations of the affected animal as well as for personal hygiene operations.
The Bau Beach of Castiglione are also marked on Google Maps as “Bau Beach Selene”; “Bau Beach Rocchette” and “Bau Beach Piastrone”.